Case study: Leading UK supermarket chain

Case study: Leading UK supermarket chain

Father and daughter grocery shopping

The problem

Most break-ins are over in less than four minutes. A good police response takes at least ten.  Losses from a supermarket chain with several thousand outlets were substantial: fast-acting thieves were stealing from petrol filling stations and convenience stores with impunity.

The options

All conventional types of security had been tried. None were successful in stopping the losses. A monitored alarm, roller shutter door, CCTV all proved ineffective in preventing thieves from breaking and entering.

The solution

A single Smoke Screen installed where they needed protection the most: the cigarette counter. The chain went on to install Smoke Screens at over 2,000 sites throughout the country.

A single smoke screen where protection is needed most: the cigarette counter. Over 3,000 smoke screens installed.

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