Case study: Aurum Holdings

Case study: Aurum Holdings

Jeweller displaying earrings

The problem

Aurum is the largest luxury and prestige chain of jewellers in the UK, which now includes the Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb and Goldsmiths brands. They had experienced an increase in opening hours robberies leading to intolerable losses and interruption to trading across stores.

The options

Conventional methods of security have failed to stop this. Window grilles and roller shutters aren't used during the day, disguise renders CCTV useless, and manned guards aren't cost-effective or a good image for the public.

The solution

We installed a system triggered by existing panic buttons and wireless fobs. The introduction of a non-violent and confrontational fog serves to startle the burglar and quickly shroud the goods from sight, preventing them from making a snatch-and-grab attack. A cost effective and proven solution to prevent daytime raids.

Smoke Screens revolutionised Aurum's approach to daytime raids and the results have been phenomenal.

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