Size matters - smaller particles produce safer smoke and no residue.

Concept Smoke Screen promises that our systems leave no residue after they’ve been activated. Our smoke is completely safe with no drawbacks.

Our Smoke Screen ‘fog’ has been tested by the UK Atomic Energy Authority (Aerosol Division) who confirm an Industry-leading particle size of just 0.2 microns.

Why is size so important?

  • The smoke particles are in the safest size band for human respiratory system.
  • Smaller particles ensure a more efficient system: particles settle extremely slowly – 9mm every hour – making our smoke the most persistent and most effective in the current market. Long lasting smoke is especially important in rural parts of South Africa.
  • Smaller particles ensure no damage: our smoke leaves no residue on your property and is guaranteed not to cause damage to your belongings.
  • Smaller particles ensure better efficiency: when compared to other security smoke systems our particles are shown to be ten times more efficient per millilitre of smoke fluid.