Security Smoke Solutions

Concept Smoke Screen devices confront intruders, reduce losses and protect your valuables by producing a dense, white smoke (fog) effect in seconds. Once an intruder is detected Smoke Screen inundates the protected area with a non-toxic, smoke-like, thermal fog. Intruders are stopped in their tracks, valuable property is hidden from view. British design and manufacture, South African installation and technical support ensure Concept Smoke Screen remains the market-leading security smoke system. The one to trust.

SAPS Crime Statistics show there were almost 400,000 break-ins and 40,000 robberies between April 2013 and March 2014. Don’t be a victim! Call us for assistance +27 (79) 893 7601.

Complete Security Systems

Smoke Screen devices produces masses of dense, white, smoke. It is completely harmless and will not damage or contaminate your property. Intruders are stopped in their tracks, valuables hidden from view making it impossible for the thief to see them, let alone steal them. Guaranteed to leave no residue when vented, Concept Smoke Screen allows you to get back to business straight away. More persistent than other types of security smoke, preventing crime, eliminating losses, stopping criminals in their tracks. We are here to protect you, your family, your business and your home. Many insurers are now offering reduced premiums to Smoke Screen users.

Installation and Service

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"We always offer the best, most cost-effective solution. When our specialist fitters leave your home or business you can have complete peace of mind."

Matt Gilmartin, Sales Director

"Twenty Smoke Screen devices protect computer equipment in these offices and server rooms. The system has been in service now for over ten years. Over that period this business has not suffered a single loss."

★★★★★ 5/5 Arla Foods

IFSEC Awards

Concept Smoke Screen has won multiple awards; we are world leaders in the field of ‘security smoke’.