Protection for warehouses and the logistics sector

Even the largest sites can benefit from smoke security.

  • Market-leading, microscopic particle size ensures our units produce more smoke and use less fluid, they are the most effective and efficient on the market.
  • Our glycerine-based smoke fluid produces and effect that is denser and more persistent than other security smoke. Intruders don’t wait around, there’s no point.
  • Smoke Screen generators operate for longer than any other machine on the market. They can fill the largest of volumes and are still great value for money.

In today’s South Africa it is becoming common for gangs of thieves to attack large warehouses. Larger numbers of thieves increase the amount of property that can be stolen. Now it’s time to change tactics.

Toughening up doors and windows is not enough. Intruders will drive trucks or construction vehicles through the walls. Once inside they would be free to steal. There is nothing left to prevent the loss of property. However, when Smoke Screen is installed it’s a different story. The dense smoke forces them out in seconds.

Smoke Screen systems are more effective than other forms of physical security. They are also better value for money. They are not just deterring a thief from entering your building they are also filling it up with obscuring smoke hiding the valuables and other contents from the thief’s prying eyes.

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