Fast-acting Thieves - Even Faster-acting Smoke

Village stores, shopping malls, supermarkets or filling stations all can become victims of fast-acting, ‘smash-and-grab’ thieves. Over in minutes or defeated, by Smoke Screen, in seconds. Stay ahead of the thieves.

  • Even the fastest thief can be stopped in his tracks by a Smoke Screen generator. Fill the space in seconds forcing the thief to flee empty-handed.
  • Eliminate or reduce the loss of valuable stock.
  • Guaranteed No Residue – no down time you’ll be back trading immediately with no cleaning necessary and no damage.

Smoke Screen will stop raids on shops and stores. Faced with the dense smoke the thief has no choice. Leave or be caught.

The Smoke Screen range can protect any size or shape of shop. Even individual windows or displays can be protected. The machines are unobtrusive and can often be hidden from view. Discreet, stylish and very effective.

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