World famous British engineering

We are proud to be the leading engineers in the security smoke sector. All of our systems and components are rigorously tested to exacting standard.

The UK factory also leads the field in Industrial and Fire Training smoke solutions. This provides us with an important advantage over our competitors, many of whom can trace their roots back to the entertainment industry. Our customers have high expectations; they include the Atomic Energy Authority (UK), the United States Air Force, Navies, Merchant Fleets, Fire Brigades, Flight and Sea Training Establishments. Where there is a specialist need for smoke you’ll find Concept.

To find out more about our engineering heritage and the depth of knowledge required to be part of the Concept Smoke Screen team, visit Concept Smoke Systems for a tour of our facilities.

Hearts of Steel

At the heart of each Smoke Screen generator is a machined-steel heater block.

Steel offers many benefits over other metals.

Steel heater blocks have better heat retention, produce more persistent smoke, have a longer activation time and short re-heat periods between activations. They are more energy efficient and reliable. The smoke particles are smaller which produces a ‘drier’ smoke. Precision engineering eliminates the fracture risk found in other, lower quality, blocks.

Our high-watt-density cartridge heaters are extremely energy-efficient. Block temperatures are achieved quickly and maintained economically. New changes to the on-board PCB have introduced an energy saving ‘eco’ mode making Smoke Screen the most eco-friendly keeping costs down for you, the user.

Lower-rated heaters, often used by our competitors, claim to be ‘greener’. However, they are much slower to reach optimum operating temperature and actually use more energy during normal operations.