Smoke Screen Through The Ages

Smoke Screen Through The Ages

Smoke Screen websites from across the years

As you know, we are the originators of security smoke, having installed the world's very first system in gold bullion vaults back in the early seventies. Smoke Screen was made commercially available in April 1991 and since then we have undergone several brand transformations and internet incarnations. As the market leaders we recognise the need to keep abreast of rapidly changing technologies, both in the security industry and on the web, creating pioneering products and offering a superior online experience.

TEASER ALERT! To that end we shall shortly be making some very exciting announcements and in the meantime would like to offer you a glimpse into our digital past, check out these old sites!

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Security Industry Experts sharing their knowledge and a wealth of news from within the sector. Over four decades have passed since Smoke Screen manufactured the world's very first security smoke system.