The installation of a Concept Smoke Screen is just the beginning. You’re not just getting a high quality security smoke generator, you’re getting a complete and comprehensive security solution that includes top level support and peace of mind. Our offices in Gauteng and key locations around South Africa provide a range of services to ensure you get the most from your Smoke Screen investment.

If you have a question about your new Smoke Screen system, just pick up the telephone and speak to one of our highly trained support staff.

If you think that your issue can be dealt with over the phone feel free to invite one of our qualified engineers over to take a look at your property. We offer practical, hands-on assistance. Alternatively take out an annual inspection contract with us to ensure your Smoke Screen continues to operate as it should.

This website contains technical information for specifiers, installers and maintainers of Smoke Screen equipment. Register with us today and, once approved, you will be able to access our Members’ Area.