Thief breaks in – Smoke Screen activated – area filled with screening smoke – property hidden – thief defeated!

Concept Smoke Screen offers the ultimate defence against intruders. It can protect you, your family and your belongings by releasing a dense, white, screening smoke that confronts and disorientates the intruders and takes away their ability to see. The sudden appearance of the smoke shocks and disorientates intruders forcing them to leave the premises before they have time to steal or damage property. It’s so quick that the break-in is over in seconds.

Ultimate Protection - No Question!

Security smoke (security fog) is the most cost-effective, efficient and practical security system in South Africa.

Bars and grills turn your home or your business into a prison. They look unattractive and uninviting and they don’t work. A determined intruder will use escalating levels of violence to try and tear these defences down. Your building will be damaged and once the intruder is through the bars, then what? Smoke Screen works from the inside. Compact and unobtrusive they can be hidden from view.

If you get broken into the smoke will do it’s job. You can then vent the smoke and when it’s gone there will be nothing left. No residue, no mess, no cleaning no wasted time.

CCTV security systems are popular but easily overcome if the intruders disguise themselves with masks or baseball cap. Smoke Screen cannot be beaten so easily. Once activated the smoke defeats even the most professional criminals.

Ordinary burglar alarms are usually ignored. Thieves can be in and out of a premises, long gone before the police or security are able to react. The SAPS reaction times in urban areas has reduced year on year. In 2013 the best reaction time was recorded as 19 minutes. Private security companies are not a lot better. Smoke Screen, by comparison, reacts in seconds. Flooding the protected areas with dense, obscuring smoke. The intruder can’t see. You, your staff or family are able to hide in the smoke. Your valuables are concealed. The intruders have no choice; leave immediately or risk being slowed down and arrested.

Installation and Service

We offer a complete installation and after-sales customer service throughout South Africa.

Our trained staff and representatives ensure you get the most cost-effective Smoke Screen security system to meet your security needs and your budget.

  • Free survey and quotation - working with you to ensure the best system for your needs.
  • Expert sales representatives - offering full advice on the systems and how they work.
  • Speedy Installation - minimising disruption in your office, shop or home.
  • Countrywide 24/7 after-sales support - representatives in all major centres.
  • Servicing and Maintenance - a network of trained installation and service engineers across South Africa.

What our customers say.

We have installed tens of thousands of Smoke Screens around the globe; protecting hundreds of millions of US dollar’s worth of property. Here’s what some of our customers say:

"Our stores were fitted with monitored alarms, shutters and CCTV. We tried everything and nothing stopped the losses. Then we fitted Smoke Screen. The losses stopped!" - Mike Gough, Tesco Security Director

"We now have Smoke Screen in over 200 stores and we have seen burglary losses fall through the floor. Would I recommend Smoke Screen? Absolutely, it works!" - Mike Green, Senior Property Manager, Boots the Chemist

"After installing Smoke Screen in our branches we have had attempted raids and witnessed dramatic results. This has revolutionised our approach to daytime raids and the results have been phenomenal." - Ash Harvey, Property Department, Aurum Holdings