Predator DNA

Tag and Deter

A revolution in security. The stopping power of Smoke Screen and the predatory technology that is DNA Tagging. Criminals are now not only stopped in their tracks but also indelibly tagged. The police can now track them down, identify them and tie them to the scene of a crime. The DNA module is small and can be used in both Sentinel and Guardian devices. The system is safe to use, requiring a confirmed signal before it is deployed.

The DNA taggant is sprayed into the smoke plume as it leaves the Smoke Screen device. It is carried onto the intruder’s skin and clothing. The police are then able to see the dye on the criminal and forensics will do the rest.

The Predator DNA concept was originally developed for use with the highly portable Guardian where it provided a unique form deterrent against thieves attacking ATM crews. However, by installing it inside Sentinel generators we are now able to extend this deterrent to homes and businesses. Predator DNA is compatible with all current liquid DNA tagging products.

Predator DNA turns the tables on intruders; the hunter becomes the hunted. The user is now able to act aggressively against the thief without any risk of personal danger.