Protect and Deter

The Guardian series is a highly innovative, award-winning, solution that addresses problems facing the police and security companies alike. Developed in conjunction with G4S, this system was designed to provide man-portable and temporary protection for people and property.

Guardian ATM

The Guardian ATM has been in active service with G4S for a number of years and has stopped a number of attempted, armed robberies. Unlike our static systems, the Guardian ATM is designed for be carried by a single person and is triggered by means of a simple personal attack button.

Guardian Rapid Deploy

Guardian Rapid Deploy units are used by police forces, security companies and a number of retailers to provide stop-gap protection for properties deemed at imminent risk of burglary. It has proved to be reliable and effective in preventing crime. The Rapid Deploy is fitted with on-board movement sensors and wireless arm/disarm settings. Guardian Rapid Deploy is an effective, standalone device. A GSM module can provide an effective means to monitor and communicate from off-site positions.