Driving Off Bandits

Defender uses battery power, making it an ideal solution for cars, lorries and vans. Available in 12-volt and 24-volt versions, Defender connects into the vehicle’s battery power to provide non-stop, off-mains security.

The 12-volt unit uses a stainless steel helical heat exchanger that, when powered, produces enough obscuring smoke to fill the interior of cars and small vans.

The 24-volt unit uses a machined steel heater block, the same as those used in the Sentinel and Guardian models. The smoke produced is much larger than that produced by the 12-volt model, making it suitable for use in larger vans and lorries.

The 12-volt system is supplied in kit form or pre-assembled on a simple plinth or in a metal case (these options are popular with vehicle fabricators). The 24-volt system is mounted on a steel plinth.

Using standard vehicle batteries, Defender can be used to provide protection, not just for motor vehicles, but also shipping containers, boats, yachts, remote buildings (telemetry or cell phone masts) and even parked aircraft. It is the most versatile vehicle system on the market.