Ideal for Offices and Server Rooms

Offices are an attractive target for thieves. They are full of valuable office equipment and it’s where you store your customer data. They need Smoke Screen protection.

  • Your computers, your data and your trade secrets all need protecting.
  • Smoke Screen can be configured for any size of room or office.
  • There is no residue - so no cleaning and most important no damage - we guarantee this.

Offices don’t appear to be as big a target as shops so office security is often overlooked. However, look around you. How much disruption would your business suffer if your computers and the data stored on them was stolen?

The losses suffered through downtime can often exceed the value of the property stolen and is not always covered by your insurance.

The Smoke Screen effect is almost instant. It stops losses by deterring would-be thieves. Our product range allows us to produce custom solutions no matter the size or lay out of the building. We match the level of protection to your budget.

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