Why choose Smoke Screen to protect your property?

It's simple

Concept Smoke Screen has the best researchers, designers and engineers who produce a system that is of the highest quality available on the market. No other security smoke company can respond to your needs and ensure your security, safety and peace of mind as well.

We Protect

In today’s South Africa the need for security and safety is paramount. It doesn’t matter where you work or live. Smoke Screen can be integrated into existing alarm systems or installed in isolation. This flexibility allows us to offer the best protection for your business or you home, your property or your family.


Concept Smoke Screen has received many accolades from the security sector. We continue to innovate in design and application and welcome comment from our customers; many of whom have enjoyed long-standing partnerships with us. Our progressive attitude marks us out from our competitors and we have a legacy that speaks for itself. Smoke Screen will protect and will not let you down.

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