A proven track record of vision, know-how and achievement

Forty years ago we used our engineering know-how to design and manufacture the world’s first security smoke screen. The concept took the security industry by storm as the new device enjoyed multiple successes often in areas where conventional security had previously failed. Over the years we have prevented the loss of hundreds of millions of US dollar’s worth of goods. Each day we provide more people a sense of security and peace of mind.

The principles behind Smoke Screen are simple: protect people, prevent loss and reduce crime. In order to achieve these aims we have had to evolve, often adopting counter-measures against the criminal. We continue to be a highly effective anti-burglary device; we have also adapted to combat day-time robbers, armed intruders, violent criminals who are a threat to people and their property in today’s South Africa.

As well as following changing criminal trends we also keep abreast of new and novel scientific and engineering developments. New technology has become a feature of our systems. Real-time IP monitoring and DNA forensic tagging are just two innovations that have been integrated into the range of Smoke Screen devices. Criminals get smart; we stay smarter.

Our success has inspired a number of companies to enter the world of security smoke all trying to knock us off the pole position. However, our years of experience combined with an ongoing desire to research and develop, invent and reinvent have kept us at the top. The first security smoke screen was followed by the first self-contained, portable smoke screen (Rapid Deploy). Currently we are the first (and only) company to have a fully integrated Physical Security Information Management system.

Quality is key - British designed and manufactured equipment installed by skilled South African technicians. In the face of increasing competition we don’t copy we innovate. We set standards and lead the field in research and development, design and manufacture, installation and service. The customer has the choice, Smoke Screen or second best.

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